Rajan & Poonam Sharma

Wow, A child of the '60s has turned 60! Yes, your 60th birthday is the start of something magical: senior discounts on everything, almost and beginning of a new phase of life as you retire. It is said that Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway but remember that you will be under the New Management now (bye bye Bharat Sarkar and Hello Sunita ki Sarkar).

We have a wonderful association since 1987 and memories: exchanging notes for your interviews, our stay in Bangur Nagar Goregaon, fighting over what is allowed or not in the game of scrabble, Blue Nile cruise, Ferozepur stay, Darjeeling and Sikkim trip and so many other beautiful memories. Now that you have time, we look forward create many more.

I won't say "Happy Retired Life" but "Enjoy your next phase of life which is going to be much more challenging and rewarding. Sunita will definitely keep you on your toes so that you can stay healthy and meaningfully engaged.

Sanjay Sharma

He has always been a guiding light being the elder brother.

Ravi Kant Chopra

Happy birthday Ajay !! Well, the month in which a Central Govt Servant turns 60 (of course it should not be the first day of that month) is very special in that every day of that month can be celebrated as birthday, before superannuating on the last day of that month. That’s why wishing you again a Happy Birthday तो बनता है.

This is also the time to celebrate षष्ठी पूर्ति, a time to celebrate completion of a highly successful first innings and embarking on the second innings which, you never know, may be even more exciting and satisfying. 

Ajay, I have very fond memories of our association, particularly during the last six years of my service, from 2009 to 2015. Of course, the association continues after my retirement, and has, perhaps, become closer and stronger. 

You have always been an excellent human being and an outstanding officer. You were my Joint Director when I was Principal Director in Northern Command at Jammu. When I became DG, you were initially my DDG (Cantonments) and then Addl DG (Lands). I distinctly remember how much I used to depend on you and how valuable your advise used to be. Needless to say that you were among the most valued members of my team, always a pillar of my strength. Whatever I might have achieved during my tenures as Principal Director and DG, that could not have been possible without you. 

In due course, you became Principal Director, Southern Command at Pune and then Director General, Defence Estates. You distinguished yourself in both positions and did the department proud. Ours is a small department and a compact Service. News travel very fast in our fraternity. About you, it has always been good news. You have brought substantial additional funds to extract Cantonments out of their financial troubles. You have also taken the land survey and digitisation of land data to a totally different level; so much so that DE department is today doing this work for other Wings of the Govt. Yet, these are just two feathers in your heavily feathered cap. 

Ajay, as you turn 60 and finish your present stint with the Govt, you will come across a sea of opportunities. It will be your call as to what you should do and the manner in which you should do it. From my personal experience, I shall take the liberty of giving a little unsolicited advice.

During service, we often tend to accord second priority to (a) our health, (b) our family and friends, and (c) pursuing our passion(s). I would suggest that post-28 Feb, you should achieve a better work life-family life balance. Similarly, if you have been passionate about something which you have not been able to pursue due to pressures of official duties, now is the time to revive those interests. Above all, take a very good care of your health.

Before I end, let me wish you good luck and a very fulfilling time ahead with Sunita, Aditi, Yash and Abhinav. May God bless you and Sunita with a long life of happy togetherness, robust health, and prosperity !!

Harsh Vardhan

Vinita Sharma

Namaste bhaiya you are a really great person. I am greatful to have you as my brother. May stay happy and fit always.

Suresh Jangid

Namaskar Ajay ji, Best wishes as you retire. Congratulations on the next phase of your life🙏


Monika Jangid

Namaskaar Ajay ji, many congratulations on your retirement. May your new journey be filled with health, joy and Contentment😊



Congratulations Ajay on reaching and achieving this well earned Career milestone. Welcome to the young brigade being the BOSS of your own time. Let's go back to our childhood modified dreams like a free bird now. I am sure, like me, you will enjoy this FREEDOM.


Vijay & Poonam

Huge congratulations on a job well done—for so many years, you have been an inspiration to so many people.

My heart is overflowing with happiness and joy for you. Congrats on this milestone moment.

There’s so much fun and adventure ahead.

Goldie & Pankaj

Dear, Ajay Bhaiya and Mamu. Looking back at the journey of your professional life, you have had many accolades and many bright moments; a life that you will cherish, the memories that you will relive and share with the next generations. Your journey is our celebration as well as you have made a significant and historic impact in Indian defence organization digitalization. As you step into the next phase of life with a newer sense of belongingness, new plans, new targets, and achievements await. We are sending our loving wishes and Happy 60th Birthday!!           

- Shiwani, Pankaj, Kian, and Kyra

Pooja Chopra

My first memory of Mr Ajay Sharma is of the time when he was CEO, Ferozepur Cantt. Delhi Cantonment Board had hosted the Western Command’s Cultural Festival. All Western Command CEOs had come to Delhi Cantt with their school teams. Those 4-5 days were very hectic, full of activities, but we all had lots of fun. Mr. Sharma extended a lot of help and assistance to us in looking after the school children who had travelled from various Cantonments. 

It was very reassuring that Mr Ajay Sharma was already posted at Jammu when my husband became the Principal Director there. My husband was very appreciative of his work and conduct, and always had a word of praise for his ability and calibre. 

It was great to see him in DG office holding various positions, during my husband’s tenure as DG. Later, Mr. Ajay Sharma very deservingly rose to become Principal Director and then Director General, Defence Estates. 

We often met on various official and personal occasions. My impression of him is of a very amiable person with a winning smile on his face. He is always courteous and would greet you with warmth and respect. Sunita, his wife, is an equally charming person, and very warm. So are the children. 

Now that Mr Ajay Sharma is entering the next phase of his life, we welcome him to what we often call as the second innings. 

I also wish him and his family the best of luck and happy times ahead.

Yash Jangid

Dear Papa, Wishing you lots of happiness, peace and good health in the golden years of this next chapter after spending a lifetime of dedicated service to the country. We are proud of your accomplished career. Many congratulations and wish you a wonderful retirement 😊

Anurag & Pallavi

Many Congratulations to Mama ji on retirement and a wonderful career. We really wish him a great second innings of life. We have thoroughly enjoyed his company especially during covid times in Pune. His hospitality and cheerful attitude is something to admire and learn from. He is so warm and welcoming all the time.  So blessed to be around him, we wish to keep meeting and having fun with all of you.  Wishing our favourites caring Mama Ji, beautiful Mami ji, loving Abhinav and soul sister Aditi a heartfelt congratulations ♥️

Parveen and Sewak Nayyar

Dear Ajay,

Today I address you with all the love and respect one can have in his heart for a younger member of his family and wish you a very happy retirement from service. For almost thirty years that I have known you, I have known you not only as an extremely intelligent and efficient officer, excelling at every stage in his service to reach the highest echelons and leave his indelible footprint behind but also as a very humble, decent, kind and well-behaved human being. God has stopped making people like you.

I and my wife, who too has always been very fond of you for all the qualities you are master of, wish you and Sunita, a gem of a human being and your most suitable mascot, a very healthy and happy retired life.

We both welcome you in the heavenly world of carefree people yearning to fully live and enjoy every moment of this most precious life.

Love to Abhinav, Aditi and Yash.

Be God always be with you.

Parveen & Sewak Nayyar.

Apoorva Sharma

Thank you tauji for helping and guiding me always. You indeed are someone I look up to in many aspects of life. Your peppy energy lights up every room and makes moments memorable.

Veena Maitra

Dear Ajay,

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you on your superannuation day.

You have been an asset to the department. You were a sincere, loyal,  and trustworthy officer. Above all you enjoyed your work and maintained integrity throughout. It was a pleasure seeing you grow from Ferozepur days onwards.

I compliment you in being able to help the department grow by adding the survey of enemy property as a responsibility of IDES. This is normally a responsibility of Home Ministry. You also ensured to do it through GPS and other modern equipment now available.

It is a proud moment for the department.

You will now be counted amongst the Director Generals who went beyond the routine to enhance the value of the organisation.

May your post retirement period be equally satisfying to you, Sunita and your brilliant children.

Meenu & Manish

D.P. Ahuja

Dear Ajay.

Heartiest Congratulations on your Big Day!

You have given your best to the Service and I am so proud of all your accomplishments.

Now, a new phase of life starts and I wish you enjoy it with your loved ones as another Beautiful, Golden Moment.

Happy Retirement!

Chintamani &

Praveen Sharma

After so many years of hard work now you have time for yourself and family and can say to Sunita bhabhi that you are in her service for always.
AJAY, my brother, and dearest childhood friend who always stands by me, is a devoted person to his job and family, caring for all .

We wish for your happy and healthy life.

Bachpan tumhare sath gujara hai dosto, Yeh dil tumhare pyaar ka maraa hai dosto.

J.N. Panwar

My dear Ajay ji,

Congratulations on your long awaited retirement. Wishing you a wonderful retirement. Enjoy this new chapter of  life in this beautiful world which  is full of adventures. We also wish and hope that your post  retirement life is longer than the official career and filled with good health, charms, relaxation and fun. During the past, I always enjoyed your company and presence at various occasions of family functions, get to gethers and other meetings. My association with you started way back in year 1999-2000, when you joined Delhi office on transfer from MHOW (MP) and shifted to the house in Gurgaon next to my residence with in two three days of shifting in our newly constructed house and we became immediate neighbours. I still remember and recall that at that time since there were only few houses in the street, it seemed to be very upset and boring for the kids specially for my daughter Sheena as there were no childrens to play with nearby but having seen Aditi and Abhinav in your family, she was so glad that she forget all her worry and spent most of the time playing with them. God has been very kind to us that you have been our immediate neighbours as you have always been inspiring, understanding and supportive of my family members and always helpful in every situation of thick and thin. On this occassion I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support  rendered to us as a family friend. As neighbours, we spent so many good evenings get togethers, participating in Sanjha Chullahs, playing badminton with your initiation with other neighbourhood family friends in the past years and enjoyed memorable moments. But, this routine discontinued after you moved to your own house in the back lane of the sector which was also the necessity. However, our association continued through out,  but with limited time due to your busy schedules and out stations transfers and postings. We know that you have been very promising, dedicated and committed in discharging your duties and responsibilities while in your office in various capacities. Your hard works paid off when you became the Head of this very importantly and esteemed Government  Organisation and served the nation. We all are proud of your achievements and strongly believe that you must have been role model for among your colleagues and well wishers. On family front, you have shared your responsibilities with Madam to impart quality education to Aditi and Abhinav for their career building and groomed them as per expectations. Now, since you are superannuating, we hope that now you will have more time to spend with your family members and friends. We look forward to Welcome you in the elite group of Young Senior citizens to refresh the yesteryears memories.

I along with my family once again Congratulate you and wish you all the best for wonderful retired life ahead. 

Sanjeev Kumar

Dear Sir,

You are inspiration for all of us. I could see during covid period a person in you who is a complete family man as well as a great leader. You were not only concerned about your own near and dear ones but for thousands of families taking treatment in our hospitals.

A great leader and wonderful human being who has lead his life with utmost integrity.

Abhishek Sharma

Mukki & Rashmi

Dear Ajay, everybody goes through tough times, so have you. But the beauty is that you overcame such hurdles with ease. You confided in me and I reciprocated. Retirement is not about hanging your boots, but a new beginning as the life has much more to offer. I want to remind you to make new goals and go for the things you deserve.

On a different note, you begin an endless holiday and I am excited for you, little selfish though, as we will get to see you and Sunita Bhabhi more often and reminisce those olden, golden days from where we grew up together at Motia Bagh. I must add that getting married on the same day was a turning point in our lives and our bond grew stronger. You are indefatigable and will never retire for us.

(Rashmi & Mukesh)

Asha & Sajjan

Dear Ajay 

You have been the oldest friend of Sajjan to whom I can relate to as a reliable brother 🥰🥰wishing a very very happy milestone 60th birthday to our dearest Ajay still looking years younger!😍👌👌 and what a beautiful gesture by a loving wife 💝💝

May you stay as young and touchwood as healthy and energetic as now… may all your dreams come true and you enjoy the new innings of life to the fullest with your lovely children …their families and your very own solid pillar Sunita 🥰🥰

The universe is a better place to live with friends like Ajay around !💝🧿💝

Lots of love to the whole family 🌹

Friends forever 

Asha and Sajjan ♥️♥️

Prachi Sahu

Dear uncle, Thank you for your service to our country ♥️ your hardwork and dedication towards your work is same as your love and commitment towards your family, and I feel so fortunate to be a small part of it through my sister Aditi, calling her sister because you have always treated me like your own daughter. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person each time we have had conversations. Wishing you a wonderful time ahead. Happy retirement 🕺 can’t wait to have morning breakfast with you again. Love and best wishes, Prachi 😄

Sonu & Kapil

Behind you All your memories,

Before you All your dreams,

Around you All who love you,

You will have more hours in day,

to hope, to dream, to rest, to be YOU.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday & many congratulations on your
Well Earned Rest.

Rishi Prakash & Kusum

It is my privilege to share my thoughts on this special occasion.

Let us celebrate this special day. let us celebrate your academic, professional and personal accomplishments.

I first met you in 1981 my dear. The February boy, you were in your teens. I saw sheer brilliance and determination in you. You gave the meaning to your name which means unsurpassed and invincible. You are a self-made and driven person. Everything you chose to do, be it in the professional career or outside it, you did it perfectly and flawlessly. What a fabulous journey in your professional career! Not many individuals reach the pinnacle of an organization. You followed your heart and chased the dreams. You joined in the 19905 at Barrackpore West Bengal. You endured the inherent pressures of Indian democracy and bureaucracy successfully. You conquered all the constraints. The rest is history!

Besides being an excellent, creative and hard working bureaucrat, you are very good at managing social events and have always been an amazing host. We experienced this last year at marriage of granddaughter Aditi, as well as my daughter's marriage in 2007.

You are a candid conversationalist, a great virtue, not many are blessed with it. You have a deep understanding of this world but still keep your originality. We always enjoy talking to you.

You inspired a whole generation, became their role model. Directly or indirectly, you have been an inspiration, a source of encouragement for all the youngsters as well as the elders in the family.

I am sure you will now be able to do many of the things you never had the time to do while in service

Dear Ajay, we are so proud of you! Congratulations on your new beginning! All the very best!

Dr. Ajay

To start with I find it difficult to put something in words what you keep on feeling on a day to day basis, indeed writing about Sh.Ajay Kumar Sharma Sir, our DGDE I feel blessed to express.

I have my first impression when I first saw sir in his office at DGDE when Sir was looking after the Lands Section and I went to invite sir for my younger brother marriage ceremony and at that time sir was busy but he gave me an audience and though he could not attend the function but I got a letter of blessings from him congratulating me and my family for the occasion. Sir this incidence is from 2018 and it etched in my memories for such senior person with lots of busy assignment he took out time to remember and sent the good wishes for me and family.

During COVID 2021 peak I was able to have more interaction with sir and here a different aspect of Sir I came across when on one hand Sir was managing the COVID crisis in PUNE Cantonment where Cantonment General Hospital PUNE Cantt  did extraordinary well in managing the COVID crisis with lots of twitter messages were making the rounds and inspiring us to do better  indeed it would have happened only with the hand holding of Senior Officers in position and the same I have experienced when Sir, came back to Delhi as DGDE and under able guidance of CEO Sir, and hand holding from Senior Administrative setup under DGDE we successfully managed COVID cases with addition Of ICU Facility, the Telemedicine facility a new Pediatric ward in our Hospital.

As per my observation Ajay Kumar Sharma sir appears to be a meticulous person with clear understanding of problems, the steps to mitigate the negative outcomes and close monitoring of the situation or condition and it pertains to the clinical interaction as well as similar things I have come across while used to interact with sir during treatment. Believe me those who can explain the condition to a doctor it makes the work of the Doctor so easy to diagnose and treat and very few persons are capable of explaining, monitoring and compliant on the treatment which sir has been gifted with. 

Sir, again I am thankful to ma’am for giving me an opportunity to write something about you but words are not enough to express it truly but I have tried. Sir, I am fortunate like many other Senior Officers, Doctors, Staff to be able to interact and offer my services under your leadership. I wish you a happy relaxed and fruitful life ahead.

Minni Gautam

प्रिय अजय, 

लम्बें है जीवन के रास्ते 

आओ चलो हम हंसते गाते

रुत बदले या जीवन बीते

दिल के तराने होना पूराने

बचपन के दिन भूला ना देना

बचपन की बातों के साथ कुछ पंक्तियाँ मेरी ओर से :

ज़िंदगी की दौड़ धूप में अब ठेहवराव आया है । सुनहरे पलों को जीने की उम्र का यह पढ़ाव आया है। आफिस की फाइल पड़ते  पड़ते अब विराम आया है । 

यह वक्त अपनों के नाम आया है 

ख़ुशियाँ बखेरता यह पल आया है 

परिवार भी देखो कैसे संग आया है ।

आँखों मैं आसूँ भी लाया है 

गम के बीच ख़ुशियाँ संग लाया है ।

शुबकम्नाओ की भेंट लाया है 

तोहफ़ो की भोछार लाया है ।

सब का प्यार और स्नेह लाया है 

आपके सम्मान मैं अवसर लाया है ।

नई ज़िंदगी की रखिए उमीदें

ख़ुशी और स्नेहहिल भावनाओं के साथ

ढेरो शुबकामनाएँ । 

मिनी गौतम

Heena & Shivam, Tanya & Sahil

Happy retirement uncle… May your years of retirement be as fulfilling and full of grace as they have been so far…wishing you lots of travel, family time and above all peace and happiness in the coming years.

Monu Pareek

Wishing you lots of love, health and peace on this special day!!

Unlike other special day, retirement is less celebrated but to a person as passionate as you we know it will be a very sensitive and emotional day...although long but take it as  any other coffee break  and enjoy your coffee with your loved ones❣️❣️

I am very sure your second innings will be equally exciting and may many of us be the part of same😎

Wish you all the luck and love😘😘

Jitendra Sharma

Many many Congratulations dear Bhai sa on magnificent accomplishment of achieving superannuation at the top most position in the organisation you joined at entry level in civil services. You are truly brilliant and we have always been and shall always be proud of you. Best wishes for the fantastic upcoming THE SECOND INNINGS 🥳

Yogesh & Harsha Joshi

Today, Tuesday, 28th February 2023, Mangal Divas, for all of us will be remembered forever. 

The movements never repeat in anyone's lifetime. This is Sanatan Satya .

And it's a memorable day for Dear AJAY.

Ajay is getting relieved from office duty, and will be a free bird to fly with full free time and no limit as far as a boundary is a concern. He will be APNE MAN KA MALIK from today.

He has lots of dreams in his mind and now has ample time to accomplish them.

To say about Ajay, I think there is no end. But I may try to summarise in a nutshell after I came in contact with him for the last 36 years, which is more than he served in his present dept Defence Estate with Govt. Of India.

My association with him started simply as an office colleague. But with the grace of God today, our relationship has reached a peak that no word is available to describe. 

Almost all we know about the good characters of our Pauranik Granth Mahabharat Ramayan and Gita. But none of us have seen those Good character guys in our life. But the combination of all, if you want to see, then he is with us all the time in different role with different persons. I am trying to describe his personality with most of us in this gathering. If I forgot to describe his personality, I request you all to add.











Ajay you are best. you fulfilled all your duties and almost on the verge of completing your full responsibility. Hope that you will be able to give your full time to family and friends.

As we all know and feeling proud that you have reached highest level in your career and wishes that you may achieve your all unfulfilled dreams in the years to come.

God bless you and showers all Happiness, Health, Love, Strengh, Stamina and Peace in your retirement life.

All the best for your new innings.
























Dinesh Gautam

Dear Ajay,

Many Congratulations

Your Success has been fueled by your intelligence & energy,

And you have earned our greatest respect.

Enjoy this new phase of your life, we wish it will be filled with lots of adventures and ecstatic moments you look forward to.

Happy Retirement !


MPS Sawney

To my dearest friend Ajay with lots of love and blessings on the day of his superannuation from Service. An excellent human being, loving person, who gives everything to relationship. We have shared our good and not so good times togather for last over 34 years, a very long journey indeed. And are committed of doing so for time immemorial. We are like one family. On the professional front with his sincerity, hard work and perseverance he has achieved accolades and reached the top of the ladder, a great achievement indeed. God bless him with a very happy and healthy life ahead 👍👍🎈🍸🍷.

We will celebrate!

Anjali Sharma

Congratulations dear Bhaiya on your superannuation on completion of your glorious journey & such an illustrious & fulfilling career.

You are truly a gem of our family.We are all proud of you.Best wishes for your second innings of life.


Rajeev Chhabra

अजय मेरा प्यारा दोस्त जिससे मैं कुछ पल के लिए मिला और दिल की गहराइयों में उतर गया ....

आज मैं गुरुग्राम में हुं तो क्या किंतु 1981 में मैं हनुमानगढ़ से जयपुर पढाई के लिए गया था। कुदरत का कहर इतना जबरदस्त था कि जुलाई की बारिश में पूरा शहर ही डूब गया मैं तो वहां पढाई करने गया था किंतु ऐसी स्थिति में मुझे संघ कार्यालय में रुकने को मौका मिला.अजय अपने मामाजी के पत्र के आधार पर आरएसएस कार्यालय में 3-4 दिन के लिए रुकने आए थे। सुबह घुमने निकलते और शाम को लौटकर आते तब मैं अपनी पढ़ाई में लगा रहता बस जब इनकी वापसी थी तब हमारी छोटी सी मुलाकात और पतों का आदान-प्रदान और हाय हेलो हमारी प्यारी दोस्ती में बदल गई।

Rajendra Pawar

Chatty, Krishna, Rini and Sajal

Dear Ajay, It has been 35 long years since we met at Narendrapur. We started knowing each other well when we stayed together in Mumbai. I saw you maintaining contacts with every near and dear one through letters and when feasible through phone as well. You have maintained this extremely good quality inspite of your busy schedule even now. This is amazing which I admire the most. It is very comforting to be friends with you because of your honest approach towards life. A thorough gentleman you are yet a very no nonsense performer when it comes to your work. Over a period of our relationship, our family association has become so strong that we are able to bank on each other without any inhibition. Sharing with you our pic which reflects so well what we share. Would have loved to share a pic with our kids also but could not locate immediately. Your glorious career in Defence Estates has been a matter of pride for all of us. You have done so well in service as well as in personal life. Wishing you all the best in your next innings. With love from Sajal Rini Siddharth Krishna and me ❤️‍🩹 🥰

Abhinav Sharma

Hello papa! I have a lot to say to you but I'm also lucky enough to say those things to you and talk to you in person!

I heard this somewhere, something you can remind yourself everyday - "No matter how old you are, today will be the youngest you will ever be!"

Enjoy your time and hope mamma and you get to fulfill all your planned and unplanned endeavours.

Proud of you, lots of love.

- Abhi

Aditi Sharma Jangid

Dearest Papa,

My entire life I've been told I look like you, and my heart is filled with joy every time I hear it. It's been an absolute honour to have front row seats to see you lead your life as an example to all of us.

I really wish I would have been there with you to celebrate the fantastic achievement your career has been. Thank you for being my guiding light, my friend and my toughest critique. I don't know who I'd be without you.

On this and every day, I wish you all the health, love and happiness. May this next chapter of yours and mumma's life is your best so far. Love you Pops!

Sunita Sharma

The only thing I'd like to say is - for all your hard work and dedication towards your work and our family, you deserve the best retirement one can ever dream of. I am eternally grateful to have you as both my life partner and as the most caring father to our children.

I will be there for you as you step into this new journey. We can finally spend some quality time together doing the things we both love to do.

Now we get to live life the way we want to. I am excited to start this new life of ours. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Love you!